Nicole Magdalena

Nicole magdalena - woman

Nicole Magdalena is an acclaimed actress of English-Polish descent, living in London. With a solid background in playing strong female roles in the theatre, including, Medea, Helena in a Midsummer Night's Dream, and, most recently, Susannah Shakespeare, her role in 'Wasteworld' marks her first defined steps in the medium of film.

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Tommie Grabiec - Man 1

Tommie was born Tomasz Antoni Grabiec in Chiswick, London in 1973. Both his father Ryszard and mother Halina are Polish. During his years growing up, Tommie's interest in films and theatre grew, and he developed a passionate interest for the Art. It wasn't until many years later, beginning in 2002 that Tommie decided to pursue a career in Acting. He attended many short courses, including 'Acting for Film and Tv' at the London Academy of Film. In 2003, Tommie attended The Academy Drama School on a year's foundation course, under the tutelage of Tim Reynolds. Tommie continued his training and developed his technique in Stanislavski. It was in 2010 that Tommie was admitted to Actor Works drama school from which he graduated in 2011 with a Postgraduate Diploma in Acting. Since then he has taken on many roles in short films, plays and several features.

In 2014, Tommie formed his own production company 'Pyreaus Productions'.

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Tommie Grabiec
Jeremy Hill

jeremy hill - man 2

Surprisingly tall and known for playing monsters, weird boyfriends, and mad scientists - Jez's film credits include Hagrid in the Harry Potter series as well as several character roles in independent UK comedy films. His substantial experience of theatre, especially with Shakespeare, Jonson and Stoppard has served him well with his transition to other media.

Currently he is working on an on-going voice over role for a unique 'storytelling' sports app, and several 'horror' projects. He quietly dreams of the opportunity of working with David Lynch, Hideo Kojima and making an appearance in Doctor Who. Working on Wasteworld, was to him, a good step in the right direction to achieving those dreams. 

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Andrea Niada - Writer/Director

Andrea was born in Milan in 1991 and moved to London, when he was two years old and has been based in the UK ever since. 

After graduating with a BA in Theatre & Performance from the University of Warwick, Andrea was accepted on an MA course at The London Film School, where he is currently in his final year.

His mid-course film 'Wasteworld' is currently on the festival circuit along with Andrea's short 'How We Are Now', an observational documentary exploring how old age affects an elderly couple's everyday life.

Andrea is currently working on his graduation film, which will be a psychological horror, set in the English countryside.

Andrea Niada
Oliver Sunley

Oliver sunley - producer

‘Wasteworld’ is a sixth collaboration between Oliver and Andrea Niada. His previous work as a non-fiction producer and director has been exhibited nationally and internationally. While working in film criticism, Oliver studied film at Yale and The University of Kent before joining The London Film School.

riccardo angelucci - dop

Riccardo Angelucci was born in Milan, Italy where he studied Communication and Advertisement at IULM. Developing his passion for filmmaking at the university, Riccardo explored Directing and Photography at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles before joining The London Film School. An advocate for celluloid filmmaking, he has since worked on a number of short films in 16mm and 35mm across a variety of production roles. Wasteworld is his third collaboration with Andrea.

Riccardo Angelucci
Javid Zaidov

Javid zaidov - Camera Operator

Having previously studied Journalism in Azerbaijan, Javid pursued his interests in filmmaking at The University of Westminster before joining The London Film School. He is currently in pre-production for his graduation film, ‘Second Bullet’. Awarded the best short script award by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, the film is set for production in July 2015. Wasteworld is the third collaboration between Javid and Andrea.

yen-ju lee - production designer

Yen-Ju Lee’s previous work as a journalist for Taiwan’s United Daily News saw her write a number of social articles about the country. A keen screenwriter, Yen-Ju is currently in pre-production for her graduation film at The London Film School.

Yen-Ju Lee
Sami El-Enany

SAMI EL-ENANY - composer

Sami El-Enany is a British-Egyptian composer currently working in London. His work traverses the dividing line between music and sound art, challenging the traditional frameworks of concert music.  Recent works include Clear Skies for String Quintet and Mobile Devices (June 2014), performed at Farnborough Wind Tunnels as part exhibition, part performance; it engages with the acousmatics of terror, centring on the affective qualities of the sound of military drones. Sami is also a collaborator with filmmakers and media activist groups such as Mosireen, a non-profit collective born out of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. His role involved inserting first-hand recordings of clashes in Cairo and Alexandria into sound designs for films as part of the Tahrir Cinema initiative –a forum that proved crucial in challenging the regime narrative concerning the revolution. In film, Sami has long-standing collaborative relationships with the Unthank Alliance and La Mode Verte. His work has been performed at the National Gallery, BFI, National Theatre, National Portrait Gallery, ICA and many other galleries and performance spaces across Europe. He is also a member of pop band, La Shark, whose maverick pop continues to be broadcast on national radio and performed across the world.


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