Wasteworld is a short psychological horror film written & directed by Andrea Niada.

The film brings you into a surreal world made of bin bags, where people are forced to face each other and unknown, superior forces.

This is Andrea's most ambitious short fiction film and is the climax of a number of other short pieces, all revolving around the use of rubbish bags. You can check them out here.

The film was shot in four days, on a set consisting of over 1500 bin bags! All the effects you see are done in camera, including live projected animation on an eight-foot screen. This is because we strongly believed that this would be the only way to convey that what you are seeing, really is happening within the world, something we felt CGI simply wouldn't deliver. This added to our many challenges, but we feel it paid off!

set build 1


A woman hatches into a world made of bin bags, governed by a menacing external force. In it she finds a man, frantically scavenging the bags, which are filled with a variety of random objects. He is searching for a key to unlock a mysterious container before them, which seems to hold the world's secret. As it starts to buzz loudly, the woman is overcome by a compulsive desire to open it, but only one of them can succeed.

Wasteworld Container

director's statement


Wasteworld is a film about fear in the face of absurdity, set in an ominous, absurd place. The story is simple, as I wanted to focus on the use of sound and images to try to extract strong emotions and sensations from the audience, without relying on dialogue and narrative.